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Encounters with Ancient Egyptians

The 2012 excavations at the funerary cult enclosure of king Khasekhemwy, the Shunet el-Zebib, are part of the project’s comprehensive program of excavation at the monument, undertaken in tandem with our architectural conservation efforts.  The excavations have two basic aims:  … Continue reading

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Returning to Abydos

  The Abydos Project of the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, has resumed its fieldwork!  Although much remains uncertain in post-revolutionary Egypt, the Ministry of Antiquities continues to function, and archaeological projects throughout the country are operating normally … Continue reading

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“Egypt at its Origins”

“Egypt at its Origins”, the Fourth International Conference on Predynastic & Early Dynastic Egypt is hosted by the IFA and the Metropolitan Museum from July 26 through July 30. Sat morning, July 30, features reports on Abydos and its environs.

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